Over Arokoyu

Arokoyu is een front-end ontwikkelaar die voor ons werkt via Tunga. Vanuit Nigeria ondersteunt Arokoyu ons met het ontwikkelen aan verschillende apps.

Proactive and a team player, looking forward to working remotely to build applications that can change the world. More than 6-years experience in developing enterprise applications. Over the years, I have gathered experience from building applications for various sectors such as Educational Sectors, Private Sectors, Public Sectors, Payment(Payroll Apps) etc. I have been able to work with vast developers across Africa, Asia and some European countries.

I have successfully built and integrate educational management systems(eduManager, eduChoice), Payment Application(Paychoice), Application used in Banks(Bank verification Number App), Project Management Applications(ProjectManager), Organisation management(Kolanut), Website Builder(webChoice), Transportation Ticketing Application(Easy Transport), Machine Learning(NABC Matchmaking), Mobile Apps(Global Guide System), Widget Manager(Impulse), Desktop App(CZW), CooffeeChat and other private applications.